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The Jesus Saves Ministry
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The Vision

The Lord told our pastor, Apostle Lonnie Stocks, that he must go into the world and win souls to the body of Christ. Wherefore he was told to study God's Holy Word and God would direct and use him to preach a word of deliverance and healing for the total man.

This church, 509 Evergreen Avenue, the headquarters church, is only a single part of the vision.

Pastor was told to establish other churches and schools. He established Jesus Saves Bible Institute in 1989. Subsequently, he has churches established in Statesville, NC and Liberia, West Africa with the expectation of more to come!

God has anointed Apostle Lonnie Stocks to walk in the five fold ministry, according to Ephesians 4:11:
In the office of Apostle, Pastor has the ability to weed out and establish churches;
Pastor has been given the gifts of foreseeing and forth seeing in the office of Prophet;
As an Evangelist, he is able to preach a word of conviction and restoration;
As a Pastor, God has given him compassion, and understanding with the gifts of leading and motivating in the full development of the kingdom of  God; AND
As a Teacher, he is able to build you up in the word of God, equipping  you to be used in the kingdom of  God.

Pastor has also been given the given of laying on of hands and the sick do recover.

 Picture #1: Apostle Stocks at TJSM Bible Institute Graduation
 Picture #2: Apostle Stocks on the radio
 Picture #3: Apostle Stocks at The sea of Galilee
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